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Transitions, Seasons and Adjustments

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

It is currently fall and all the kids and young adults have started school. The colleges will start up again in a few weeks. These are big transitions; new teachers, new classmates, new roommates and new subjects to learn. Other changes like moving, getting married, becoming a parent, divorce, empty nest, retirement and death of a loved one also deeply affect us in our lives.

Often changes like these can create emotions that we are not familiar with. Learning to feel new emotions of grief, loneliness, insecurity, incompetence, or disagreement take a lot of courage. It also takes allowing ourselves to feel uncomfortable to move through this new season. We often want to do something that helps us to feel better to avoid feeling this sadness or uncomfortable feeling. Take your time and know that you will settle into this season and eventually move into a new transition in life.

Reach out to a therapist for support to help you manage your transitions.

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